Hi there Skincarers,

This is our story.

For quite a long time, we have faced some predicament in the beauty industry. There are overwhelming information and choices in the beauty industry, and sadly, most of them are dominated by misinformation or misguidance that were amplified through social media. We believe skincare should be fun, but you need to be smart about it. Skincare can be daunting because it is as individualized as you are, you need to listen and understand your body. There are a lot of controversial issues and confusion regarding how to use and when to use skincare, particularly with the immense, always revolving terminologies and products, born mostly for marketing purposes.
This triggers us to create and share through Careskinmedia and Noola. By creating Careskinmedia, we are hopeful to learn and bring the joy in the beauty industry by being a platform where people can easily access and trust. By creating Noola, we hope to provide a brand people could connect and trust. 
Careskinmedia and Noola share the same core values: to be transparent and to bring change. We believe self-awareness is really important, we need to be self-aware of the decisions we make as well as what our body is saying. We believe it can be achieved by educating the people first, through evidence based information and discussions as nothing is for sure. Our goal is for everyone to #SeeThrough beauty and have the autonomy to choose what is right for them, be it for their skin and their health #doyourway.
We are working hard. We hope someday despite all odds, everyone can have conscious decisions for their body, the community grows and have the same desire that drives us, the curiosity towards truth and authenticity.


Jennie & Charlene

Our Team

dr. Jennie Novita
Medical Creator

Making your investment in beauty worth it through Careskinmedia. Advocating you to switch to minimal & maximal skin care with Noola.

dr. Charlene Janice
Medical Creator

Resilient #doctorpreneur. Changing how you see beauty through Careskinmedia. Guiding you to start witth minimal & maximal skincare through Noola.

Elita Margaretha

A happy go lucky doctor who loves to draw.

dr. Michaella Janet
Illustrator and Manager

A young doctor

Irene Natasha

A creative extroverted girl with million dreams to be achieved.

Karina Tristandy


dr. Kusuma Sri Whisnu Puteri
Medical Content Creator

Medical doctor / beauty and wellness aficionado

dr. Mishael Octaviany Jireh
Medical Content Creator

A devotee of self-love and beauty who wants to improve people's quality of life.

Nurul Alma Febriyanti
Medical Content Creator

Skincare enthusiast who loves share about skincare and want to give contributes to beauty industry.

dr. Paulus Mario Christopher
Medical Content Creator

Medical doctor. Dermatology enthusiast.

dr. Regina Stefani Roren
Medical Content Creator

Doctor/ crafter/content creator.

dr. Gerry Tanzil
Medical Content Creator

Your friendly neighborhood derm junkie.

Gio Celine
Make Up Xpert

Certified MUA

dr. Jessica
Medical Doctor Creator

Educating you through Careskin

dr. Rachel Adelia
Medical Creator

Medical doctor. Beauty & wellness enthusiast.
Sharing the importance of skin's health & fit lifestyle to be the best version of yourself.